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Who Are We?

Ekodenge was founded in 1996 to provide consultancy and engineering services shaped around the vision of sustainability and related EU policy. Ekodenge concentrates on environmental technologies, information technologies, research and design of sustainable and energy efficient buildings, cities and industrial clusters, focusing on minimizing the environmental load of the studied domain with the holistic life cycle thinking.We develop solutions and decision support to promote circular economy through sustainability assessment and monitoring based on material and energy flows throughout entire value chains. We deliver convenient, innovative, cost-effective and applicable solutions in addition to environment- and nature-friendly applications thorugh research and development projects.
Ekodenge is also experienced in software development for environment and energy related analytics, data mining, and artificial intelligence based forecasting in sustainable process industry and buildings.

Integrating the academic and research oriented sustainability expertise; Ekodenge’s interdisciplinary team of environmental, chemical, industrial, computer, mechanical, electrical sciences, civil engineers, planners and architects, with Masters and PhD degrees, also has EU and international project key expert references with project management skills, where some of them are certified energy and LCA consultants.

We also develop web portals and software for environment and energy related analytics, data mining and artificial intelligence based forecasting and analyses, risk assessment and consequence modelling using GIS infrastructures and graph theory based analyses. Ekodenge is an experienced company in project coordination on international frameworks such as the CIP Eco Innovation, UNDP, WB and EUROPEAID Programmes. The company is actively working as WP leader or partner in various research projects and very active participant of FP7.

Field of Work

  • To develop projects in the national, European and international markets that deliver added values to the clients and stakeholders with the vision of sustainability

  • To carry out research and technical studies, in order to continuously improve the know-how and interdisciplinary and inter organization cooperation capacity of its employees to a level that is competent and pioneering at the international level.

  • To increase the cooperation and market share in the relevant sectors and provide benefits to all stakeholders.

  • To deliver upmost client satisfaction with projects and services carried out in line with universal quality standards.
  • To provide an innovative, holistic and interdisciplinary solution capacity to deliver persistent and multi-dimensional improvement proposals for sustainability related problems at all scale.

  • To be a respected and reliable sustainability solution partner in the international markets primarily in the European Union.
  • Objectivity and Independence from Persons and Institutions

  • Responsibility to the Environment and Society

  • Progress Through Innovation and Creativity

  • Multidimensional Thinking for Added Value

  •  Integrity and Loyalty to Work Ethics

Our Team

Emre Yöntem
Emre YöntemCEO
Özge Yılmaz
Özge YılmazR & D Group Coordinator
Beril Şenyurt
Beril ŞenyurtSenior Expert
Emrah Alkaya
Emrah AlkayaBusiness Development Lead

Our Business Partners