Data Analytics and IT Techonologies 2017-06-29T07:06:59+00:00

In the age of data sustainability in all fields requires IT infrastructure and sustainable data analysis skills

In todays digital age, information technologies and effective data anaytics are a requirement in order to provide sustainable solutions at all domains. Ekodenge delivers solutions where industry, cities and citizens are actors and multiple interdisciplinary elements such as dynamic energy markets, technological developments, social engagement and innovation, econometric targets and climate change trends are concerned.


  • Digitalising of factories, industrial networks, building, cities

  • Digitalising of citizens and social innovation

  • Big data management and analytics needs

  • Need for a holistic optimization approach for sustainability

  • Industry 4.0 solutions and their benefits

Reasearch Fields and Background

  • Optimization

  • Agent based modelling

  • Industrial symbiosis

  • Geographical information systems and urban anaylses

  • Internet of Things

Services and Benefits

  • Industrial data management

  • LCA Software platform and services

  • Multi parameter and new generation indicators for performance evaluation

  • Decision support for urban level data analyses, scenario simulations

  • Modelling of carbon reduction solutions

  • Internet of Things solutions for energy management

  • Online energy monitoring and optimization services