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ERABİS; ability to keep track of the process, all of the information and analysis about the facility record of ability to control the future processes, security management systems kurulabilmesini, in a systematic way of all reporting regulation operation and safety systems created organizations by providing progressive processes, sustain, SEVESO directive related organizations easily and in a timely manner as obliged to work in order to complete the improved software.

The scope of the defined hazardous chemicals regulation executes an activity with the industrial organizations, 30.12.2013 Ministry of environment, planning, Notification of Evaluation when using the interface within the boundaries of the post-crisis obligated the type and amount of chemicals.


Which Sectors can use Erabis?

  • The process industry

  • Petrochemical plant and storage areas

  • Coal and gas-fueled power plants

  • Agrochemical production facilities

  • Fuel storage and filling plant

  • Military and civilian purposes when producing explosives and tanks

  • Explosive tank containing metals

  • Dangerous chemicals process uses as an input to the food industry organizations

  • When that store large amounts of fuel within the boundaries of the facility are

  • LPG stations and warehouses containing plants

  • In the mines, quarries or other areas of minerals and hydrocarbon-based natural substances found in the organizations activities related to the processing of

What Does Erabis?

Enterprise Management Module

All previous knowledge of the Organization entered in the module. The facility’s equipment, chemical and layers of protection are created in this module and other modules in inventory information flow boy.

Document Management Module

Process safety in the work of the staff and consultants from knowledge transfer and is used in order to store the generated documentation. Relevant documentation in preparation for the security report is available quickly. Module information-document privacy is specifically designed to meet the needs.

Meeting Follow-up Module

Process safety studies minutes of all meetings and workshops held throughout this module and meeting planning, preliminary discussions and messages recorded.

Notification Evaluation Module

When the scope of the work of Seveso classification when the chemicals found in security studies and reports as required by the module is used for classification. ERABİS's, risk analysis is used in the article and can use the databases belonging to the mixture required data structures. Turkish and English are held registered as all chemicals and substances classification information is available. The facility is required for the classification of the aggregation rule application module integrated.

Preliminary Hazard Analysis Module

Preliminary Hazard Analysis Module; ISPESL index analysis, Checklist analysis, experts say this jacket and I came this close to the event took place with the methods remain critical facility equipment/services, you will be able to create danger for other areas and facilities (electrical installation, maintenance and repair procedure etc. and the like). This Module, Ekodenge. Risk Engineering Group's experience based on threshold values and parameters are encoded and calculation based on ability. Thanks to the index Method, running under the module in real life when many problems encountered within the scope of that problem systematically may be inquired.

Qualitative Risk Analysis Module

Qualitative Risk Analysis Module, as a result of the dangerous situation the front hazard analysis/prediction equipment, space, and made the event titles (electricity, other facilities, maintenance and repair procedures, cleaning procedures, dust management, etc.) and more detailed risk detection dangerous/what-if scenarios. Thanks to the module; What happens if the checklist analysis, analysis, FMEA analysis, HAZOP and HAZOP-BERYLE analysis facilities.

Quantitative Risk Analysis Module

Quantitative Risk Analysis Module; error analysis of the tree, event tree analysis and protection of basic analysis and error frequency loss of event tree possibility statistics necessary for the calculations. Module at the same time, fire, explosion and chemical spill scenarios such as models. The required probability values can be entered in the relevant equipment specific and then recorded in a library in order to be used.

Geographic Information System Module

Geographic information systems thanks to the module, accident and loss of scenarios for maintaining API Level 1 and Level 2 level impact modeling capabilities is performed, the domino effects questioned. This module contains three interface running under: Result analysis, BLEVE and physical explosion. Enterprise Information Management Module with layout information defined in quantitative risk analysis the effect that occurs as a result of the geographic information system map when positioned on the interface. When this module is also available through the rough layout, micro-macro parsing and positioning studies.

Security Management System Module

The seven basic security system module is managed from the main title and related documentation to the interface. This laid out in the work of seven title Seveso is compatible with security management system structure;

• Organization & Personnel
• Hazards identification and Assessment
• Operational Control
• Change Management
• Contingency Planning
• Monitoring Of Performance
• Audit and review

Security management system module, when with critical manufacturing process to provide the needs of different user types.

Reporting Module

This module is defined by the regulation of the Ministry of environment and urban development, thanks to the format, converting his studies of security report system user.

Internal Emergency Plan Module

Pursuant to the new regulation is a plan required the preparation of the relevant institutions. ERABİS software is integrated into the respective module.