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Hatay Metropolitan Municipality Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan

Hatay Metropolitan Municipality Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan


February 2019 – September 2019



The Preparation of Carbon Footprint Inventory and Climate Change Action Plan for Hatay Metropolitan Municipality Project financed by the European Commission and UNDP with reference number UNDP-TUR-FS-MC2-19-18 aimed to;

  • Develop the greenhouse gas emission inventory for Hatay province
  • Prepare a Climate Change Action Plan that will provide a road map for mitigating the emissions in the province until 2030
  • Conduct capacity development trainings to the Municipality personnel
  • Develop a web-based module enabling the update of the GHG emission inventory and track the mitigation targets of the Municipality
  • Develop a public individual carbon footprint calculator


With the project, Hatay Metropolitan Municipality had voluntarily set a mitigation target and sectoral mitigation actions in order for reducing the city’s emissions until 2030. Through the identification of the mitigation actions which are applicable for various sectors and are set with a comprehensive stakeholder participation, a valuable contribution has been made by another local government to Turkey’s climate change mitigation efforts.


  • Assessment of the current situation, analysis of the international, national and local policies and strategies
  • Working group meetings, one-on-one stakeholder interviews, desk studies, workshops
  • Preparation of the GHG emission inventory for Hatay province
  • Developing the institutional emission inventory for the Hatay Matropolitan Municipality
  • Population and emission projections taking into account the refugee population in the city
  • Generating mitigation scenarios and emission saving potentials for the targeted sectors
  • Preparation of the climate change action plan for the years 2017-2030
  • Capacity development trainings for the Municipality personnel
  • Developing a web site for the Municipality with the aim of raising awareness and dissemination about climate change
  • Public carbon footprint calculator development
  • Developing a web-based calculation and monitoring module for the use of Municipality that will allow update and tracking of the emission inventory and the action plan


Özge Yılmaz, Ph.D.


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