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Circular economy: towards more restorative and regeneratice industrial systems

Industry plays a pivotal role in conforming to sustainability targets while satisfying humans’ ever increasing demand for consumption. To face pressing global issues such as climate change, industry needs to reinvent and transform itself, positioning sustainability and life cycle thinking in the core of business practices. To realize this goal, Ekodenge provides industry with expertise and appropriate tools.


  • Environmental compliance

  • Adoption of new circular economy models

  • Meeting technological advancements

  • Corporate responsibility

Reasearch Fields and Background

  • Industrial Symbiosis

  • Circular Economy

  • Cleaner Production

  • New process development and optimization

Services and Benefits

  • Industrial symbiosis analyses

  • Eco-efficiency assessments

  • Consultancy on improving resource efficiency

  • Integrated pollution prevention and control

  • Waste and water management consultancy

  • Environmental management services

  • LCA & LCC

Research Projects