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Building Lifecycle Energy Saving Integral Learning


  • Improving skills and competencies of workers of the construction sector within novel methodologies, techniques and software management within
    outcomes of European R&D founded projects

  • To support the accomplishment of Directive 2010/31/EU on the energy performance of buildings

Innovative Aspects

  • BLESIL will develop an eLearning platform which will be accessible and useful for dierent actors in the construction sector.

  • The consortium is well balanced in terms of training experiences and construction background: BLESIL is an alliance of training entities and SMEs of the construction sector.


  • BLESIL adopts online training tools involving multimedia and interactive training materials.

  • The training program introduces innovative software for energy eciency such as URSOS and EPESUS.


  • BLESIL is based on surveys on the need for capacity building in the construction sector and addresses the most crucial deficiencies.

  • A wider understanding of energy eciency in the sector will improve the quality of the built environment.

Ekodenge’s Role

Duygu Başoğlu
Duygu BaşoğluProject Team Leader

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