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Breakthrough Solutions for Adaptable Envelopes in building Refurbishment


The overall objective of BRESAER project is to design, develop and demonstrate an innovative, cost-eective, adaptable and industrialized envelope system for buildings refurbishment. This system will include combined active and passive pre-fabricated solutions integrated in a versatile lightweight structural mesh.

Innovative Aspects

  • Structural metallic profiles to achieve an standardized constructive system easily assembly and configurable, and able to support dierent envelope components

  • Multifunctional and multilayer insulation panels made of Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete used as rigid shells for building envelope applications

  • Combined solar thermal air and PV envelope component for indoor space heating and ventilation, thermal insulation and electricity generation

  • Multifunctional lightweight ventilated façade module, with integrated photovoltaic system for electricity generation, and thermo-reflective and self-cleaning coating

  • Dynamic windows with automated and controlled air-tightness and insulated solar blinds


  • Combined solar thermal and PV envelope component

  • Multifunctional lightweight ventilated façade module

  • Dynamic window with controlled air-tightness and insulated solar blinds

  • Multifunctional UHPFRC panels for envelope


BRESAER technology is expected to significantly reduce the building’s primary energy consumption and the greenhouse emissions while improving indoor environment quality through thermal, acoustic, lighting comfort and air quality at the same time.

Ekodenge’s Role

Gülfem İnaner
Gülfem İnanerProject Team Leader

Project Timeline

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