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Towards Circular Economy in the Plastic Packaging Value Chain


  • Validating 100% new biodegradable and cost-competitive materials, from renewable resources, non-competitive with agricultural crops

  • Validating new packaging solutions that will enable the end-of-life separation of materials.

  • Triggering the utilization of recycled material as raw material and create closed-loop recycling flows and multi-sectorial cascade recycling process

  • Addressing the barriers to facilitate a broader transition to the circular economy through development of roadmaps concerning regional and national integration strategies of platic waste management

  • Developing a life-cycle methodology to assess the performance of CIRC-PACK value chain in terms of circularity improvement.

  • Developing new sustainable business models to enable a circular use of plastic materials

Innovative Aspects

  • New generation of bio-based and biodegradable materials with enhanced functionalities

  • Novel formulations for compounding based on recycled biomaterials. Improving circular economy of multimaterial (plastic + paper/board)

  • Substitution of multi-layered products by biodegradable solutions that deliver similar performance

  • Improving conventional recycling lines for bio-based materials

  • Sorting and monitoring system


  • Avoidance of carbon emissions and fuel depletion throughout the plastic packaging value chain

  • Avoidance of off-specification wastage by means of a real-time monitoring methodology

  • Use of recovered plastics in higher quality application

  • Development for a broader improved stategy for implementation of new solutions adapted to different value chains.


Beril Şenyurt
Beril ŞenyurtCircPack Project Coordinator


May 2017

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