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Fumaric Acid Production for Polymer Applications


  • Development of effcient fermentative processes for the production of fumaric acid from renewable feedstocks

  • Process optimization for the different substrates and new enzymes

  • Evaluation of process sustainability and the cost considerations through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC)

  • Development of a multi-objective optimization tool that supports the cost model, environmental impact assessment and production of fumaric acid

Innovative Aspects

  • Evaluating environmental impacts and costs of bio-based fumaric acid through an integrated approach by using an optimization tool

  • Apple pomace and orange peel using as feedstocks for fumaric acid production

  • New enzymes for hydrolysis processes

  • Providing a support decision system for full scale bio-based production


  • Consideration of two process variants; separate hydrolysis and fermentation (SHF) as well as simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF)

  • Production processes are evaluated on economic feasibility and environmental impacts through LCA and LCC supported by EPESUS

  • Additional software or tools are used to develop multi objective optimization tool


  • Innovative technologies transferring through the FAPA project

  • Improvement of EPESUS as a strong national product that has the ability LCA, LCC and optimization through the internet on international platform

Ekodenge’s Role

Özge Yılmaz
Özge YılmazProject Team Leader

Project Timeline

Endüstriyel Simbiyoz Projesi Çalıştayı

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POAP Final Meeting

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Ekodenge is at the Policy Workshop

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23/06/2017 Ekodenge is at the policy workshop in Brussels: G.Adell presents #nature4cities, the #H2020 project on #NatureBasedSolutions we are part of. https://twitter.com/ekodengeas/status/878194854747963392

R2CITIES Webinar

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FISSAC 3RD Newsletter

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