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Innovative Ecological on-site Sanitation System for Water and Resource Savings


  • Integration individual low cost, sustainable and biologically based water sanitation technologies in multiple modular configurations

  • Demonstration across 10 countries in 4 continents the long term viability of innovative, modular and sustainable solutions for wastewater treatment in
    real-environment and contribution to stimulating economic growth, business and job creation in the water sector both inside and outside Europe

  • Eco-design and optimise the proposed solutions to increase the sustainable performance of the water sector through an optimised environmental performance

Innovative Aspects

  • Conforming the dierent INNOQUA technologies on the basis of a modular system, and using in different combinations through different scenarios

  • Increasing EU innovation potential by offering a modular solution that integrates innovative technologies in new ways and making possible the accessing to the new markets

  • Use of Lumbrifilter, which is an innovative technique effective in removal of solid and particulate matters

  • Reusing of purified water for irrigation, watering, aquifer recharge and domestic applications


  • Assessment and validation the effective performance of the integrated “Lumbrifilter and Daphniafilter” system for wastewater treatment

  • Bio-solar purification (BSP)

  • Monitoring and Control through embedding sensors, software and connectivity in a modular system

  • LED UV


  • Enhancing confidence among end-users and stakeholders regarding the long-term sustainable benefits of the system in a range of realistic applications and locations

  • Generating LCA positive impacts regarding chemical and resource use

  • Reduced stress on and solution for the EU aging water infrastructure

  • Reduced release of untreated/poorly treated wastewater and avoid CO2 emissions equal to 625 tons/year

  • Improvement sanitation and health conditions in both rural and underdeveloped regions

Ekodenge’s Role

Beril Şenyurt
Beril ŞenyurtProject Team Leader

Project Timeline

Circpack Kick-Off Meeting

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24/5/2017 The kick-off meeting of our new #HORIZON2020 project #CIRCPACK (Towards #circulareconomy in the plastic value chain) was held in Zaragoza, Spain. Project Manager Beril Şenyurt and CTO Emre Yöntem presented [...]

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