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Nature Based Solutions for Re-Naturing Cities


  • To develop complementary and interactive modules to engage urban stakeholders in a collective-learning process about re-naturing cities, develop and circulate an extensive knowledge base on NBS, new business, financial and governance models for NBS projects

  • To provide tools for the impacts assessment, valorization and follow-up of NBS project

Innovative Aspects

  • Applying a systematic approach that combines technical, business, finance, governance, regulatory and social innovation to urban re-naturing for the effective assessment and decision making for nature based solutions

  • Integrating a variety of innovative technologies to deliver a toolbox with a range of useful modules

  • Engaging cities in new technological tools for nature based solution planning


  • Satellite image based characterization of land and vegetation

  • Drone captured imagery for district scale diagnosis (canopy density, topography, fine soil characterization, hydrology characteristics)

  • ICT tools including EPESUS urban metabolism analysis tool, a 3D rapid environmental scenario assessment tool, a socio-economic impact assessment tool and citizen participatory engagement platforms


  • Develop new models for and enhance governance, stakeholder and citizen engagement, finance and business models, public and private funding of nature-based solutions in cities

  • Optimise the policy, regulatory and administrative frameworks through decision support tools

  • Develop an integrated evidence base and a European reference framework on nature-based solutions, in order to create a global market and a shift in public and private investments from conventional to nature-based solutions

  • Kick-start of a collective learning process to foster creative and visionary urban design in re-naturing cities, securing an equitable distribution of the multiple benefits to stakeholders and citizens

Ekodenge’s Role

Özge Yılmaz
Özge YılmazProject Team Leader

Project Timeline

Ekodenge is at the Policy Workshop

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23/06/2017 Ekodenge is at the policy workshop in Brussels: G.Adell presents #nature4cities, the #H2020 project on #NatureBasedSolutions we are part of.


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12/06/2017 Be part of the green transition! Fill the form at the link with the option to: -Get news from Nature4Cities project -Or get involved and become a correspondent for [...]

Nature4cities Web Site

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11/05/2017 The website of Nature4Cities, a #HORIZON2020 project on nature based solutions for urban space that we are part of, is now online!  

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