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Sustainable Production of Functional and Safe Feed from Food Waste


  • Addressing the process and technologies needed to use food waste for feed and feed additives production at low cost, low energy consumption with maximal valorization of starting waste materials

  • Investigating nutritional value and functionality according to animal needs, as well as safety and quality issues

  • Characterizing nutritional value of food wastes and to investigate innovative technologies to stabilize and convert them into suitable raw materials for bulk feed

  • Obtaining functional feed ingredients (additives) from wastes addressing cost and functionality in animals


  • Innovative conditioning and drying technologies

  • Processing technologies for extracts, pectins and peptide preparation

Innovative Aspects

  • Investigation of innovative processing technologies for bulk feed ingredients

  • Validation of all initiatives in in-vitro tests

  • ETV certification for innovative feed preparation technologies

  • Evaluation of the whole value chain starting from cradle to animal farm including exploitable products through a two-tier LCA study


  • Specific impact of the NOSHAN Project is to turn food waste into feed at low cost and low energy consumption

  • On a greater scale, turning agricultural waste into animal feed opens up new opportunities fo farmers while cutting Europe’s dependence on feed imports

  • NOSHAN concept will particularly be welcome in rural areas where feed industry is a powerful economic engine

  • NOSHAN products has direct environmental benefits in terms of carbon emissions, land use and ecotoxicity

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Özge Yılmaz
Özge YılmazProject Team Leader

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