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Renovation of Residential urban spaces: Towards nearly zero energy CITIES


Develop and demonstrate replicable strategies for designing, constructing and managing large scale district renovation projects for achieving nearly zero energy cities.

Innovative Aspects

  • Three demonstrations of residential district retrofitting, in dierent countries, climate conditions and user’s habits

  • A very ambitious dissemination programme focused on public and professional audiences

  • Several studies of cost-effective solutions for the holistic improvement of the energy performance of buildings at district level (definition of standard indicators and new diagnosis approach, analysis of existing energy technologies in a systemic approach, new strategies for urban energy planning, …)

  • Deployment of a rigorous measurement and verification of energy performance and savings plan for each demonstration, taking into account standard protocols as IPMVP

  • A market and replication deployment plan, in order to ensure the project impact at business level, and a results exploitation strategy suitable for achieve a wide impact


The very ambitious renovation plan of three residential districts, will involve more than 57.000 m2, 850 dwellings and 1500 users, with a potential of energy consumption reduction close to 60%.

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Gülfem İnaner
Gülfem İnanerProject Team Leader

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16/06/2017 Register to #R2CITIES webinars on June 19! Monday 19 June #R2CITIES - 2 webinars to sidestep the pitfalls of residential district #retrofitting  - See more at: http://bit.ly/2rPdaWj https://twitter.com/ekodengeas/status/875618426898702336 [...]

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