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Risk Engineering is an endeavor to identify, assess and manage dangerous incidents and situations that affect project and process performance targets. By combining scholarly perspective with field experience, Ekodenge Risk Engineering Group develops industrial system and case specific methodologies. The consultancy services provided by Risk Engineering Group for upper and lower tier industrial facilities lead to the development of integrated safety management systems along with inherently safe decisions and applicable solutions


  • Existing and emerging technical and legal requirements

  • Need for expertise to ensure industrial safety

  • Catastrophic results of major industrial accidents

  • Integrated data handling need for safety management

  • Possible threats to public and environmental safety

Reasearch Fields and Background

  • Technical risk assessment methods.

  • Hybrid methods

  • Scope determination

  • Design compliance

  • Project life cycle

Services and Benefits

  • Risk management execution plan preparation

  • Front end engineering stage planning

  • Advanced practitioner trainings

  • Multi-criteria readiness analysis

  • SEVESO consultancy

  • Design consultancy for explosives manufacturing and storage

  • Integrated safety management system

  • SIL assesment

  • Simulations of fire, explosion and toxic dipersion
  • Quantative risk assessment

  • Monte Carlo simulation

  • Enchanced explosion protection document preparation

Research Projects