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“Inspired by nature to create the best living environments with the least impact on the planet”

Ekodenge’s environmentally and user friendly, high performance designs evolve around healthy materials, clean production, energy and cost efficiency. Context, environmental factors, cultural and historical conditions blend into unique solutions in contemporary designs. The mutual defining factor of Ekodenge’s projects is the combined benefits of EU funded research projects, scholarly studies and implementation experience. The architecture team stands out with its interdisciplinary team and national and international collaborations.


  • Contemporary and unique architectural design

  • Sustainable change in the building sector

  • Minimizing the ecological footprint of buildings

  • Designing a healthy built environment

  • Providing energy and resource efficient solutions

Reasearch Fields and Background

  • Environment friendly design

  • Energy efficiency in buildings

  • Clean materials

  • Integrated building design approach

  • Masterplanning & design in protected areas

Services and Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly building design

  • Masterplan and landscape design

  • Interior design

  • Construction supervision and consultancy

  • Building energy modelling

  • Passive and renewable energy systems’ analysis

  • Water and waste management

  • LCA & LCC

Research Projects