Sustainable Cities and Districts 2017-06-29T07:05:52+00:00

Striving for delivering smart and target-oriented solutions to sustainability challanges

Cities, as we built environment within urban system boundaries, are globally among top consumers of energy and resources. Urban resources are believed to generate %75 of all greenhouse gas emissions, which makes cities fundamental to achieving the resource efficiency, low-carbon performance and urban resilience necessary to deliver sustainable living spaces.


  • Urban Sprawl

  • Global climate change and adaptation

  • Environmental impacts of building stock

  • Urban resource efficiency

Reasearch Fields and Background

  • Innovative construction materials

  • Agent-based modelling

  • Urban metabolism

  • Nature-based solutions

Services and Benefits

  • Sustainable energy approaches

  • Green infrastructure planning

  • Sustainable use of natural resources

  • Delivering smart city solutions to the market