Zeynep Yöntem, Ph.D.

Executive Board

Chemical Eng. & Social Env. Sci.


Founder of Ekodenge., A total of 35 years national and international experience as an engineer and manager on environmental policy and integrated environmental management, including economic, scientific and/or legal aspects. She is chemical engineer with a doctor’s degree in Social and Environmental Science. She was a Hacettepe University lecturer.

Emre Yöntem

Chief Technology Officer

Electrical Engineer. M.Sc.


Emre is an Electrical Engineer, with a master’s degree in Information Technologies. He has experience on energy and environment focused data analytics, modelling, decision support services. He has been working as technical expert and coordinator in various international research and consultancy projects. He is the CTO and director of EcoWise - Ekodenge UK and a board member for Ekodenge.

Ebru Özkan

Chief Financial Officer


Chief Financial Officer of Ekodenge and company representative managing all administrative and financial operations. B.Sc. in business administration with a M.Sc. on management and organization.

Beril Şenyurt

Senior Expert and Project Manager

Environmental Engineer M.Sc.


With a vast experience in industry as an environmental engineer, joined to Ekodenge team as a senior expert for HORIZON 2020 and consultancy projects on circular economy, industrial symbiosis and climate action plans.

Özge Yılmaz, Ph.D.

Environment and Industry Group Manager

Environmental Engineer Ph.D.


Environmental Engineer with a Ph.D. degree from METU and specific expertise in Life Cycle Assessment, circular economy and resource efficiency. Currently leading the Environment and Industry Group of Ekodenge as well as working as project manager/senior expert and work package leader in various consultancy and HORIZON 2020 projects of the company.

Seda Yöntem

Architecture Group Manager

Architect M.Arch.


Seda Yöntem (M. Arch) is the founder and manager of Ekodenge's architecture group. She is a sustainable design expert, lecturer and researcher with more than 18 years of professional experience in applied architecture and project management focusing on energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings and cities.

Erkin Kula

Software Development Group Manager

Computer Engineer, MBA


Graduated from Computer Science department in Bilkent University and completed his MBA, he is continuing his second university field in Sociology. He has been working as software engineer for 8 years and has been involved in Ekodenge since 2017. He is leading IT projects related with industrial symbiosis, circular economy, energy efficiency and management, environmental sustainability and management, and nature based solutions in urban systems.

İbrahim Çakmanus, Ph.D.

Senior Expert

Mechanical Engineer


He has got B.Sc, M.Sc and PhD in Mechanical Engineering degrees. Dr. Ibrahim Çakmanus is a leading designer and assessor of energy efficient building systems in Turkey with more than 32 years of professional experience spanning his background in governmental institutions, extensive market practice and academic studies including three published books and numerous articles.

Ahmet Acar

Business Development/ Project Management

Civil Engineer, M.Sc.


Graduated from Galatasaray Lisesi and METU Civil Engineering, Ahmet did his MSc degree on Construction Management in Reading, UK. He has been working as a project manager and business developer in sustainability and energy area for built environment in various projects.

Dr. Tülay Çağlayan Özlü

Senior Expert

Chemical Engineer


Gülfem İnaner


Mechanical Engineer, M.Sc.


Mechanical engineer with MSc. and energy efficiency expertise through thermal dynamic simulation tools (Designbuilder, HAP and IESVE) and computational fluid dynamics utilizing engineering simulation and analysis software Ansys, Fluent and Trnsys.

Duygu Başoğlu


Architect, Urban Planner


Built environment expert with a focus on sustainability and a double major degree from ITU on architecture and urban planning. Currently a practicing architect for energy efficient building projects and a contributor to R&D projects on sustainable cities.

Parham Pooyanfar


Mechanical Engineer M.Sc.


Built environment sustainability expert with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from AUT. Currently involved in sustainability-oriented R&D and consultancy projects of Ekodenge.
Rembrandt (1)

Rembrandt Koppelaar, Ph.D.

Senior Expert

Software Developer & Researcher


Researcher who writes about the future of energy, materials, society, technology, and the circular economy. He has published two books and several articles. He holds a PhD degree from Imperial College London's Centre for Environmental Policy. Rembrandt holds an MSc in Development Economics and Management, and a BSc in Economics.

Sevde Karayılan


Environmental Engineer M.Sc.


M.Sc. degree Environmental Engineer from METU and worked on solid waste and waste-to-energy field. Currently working on R&D projects and consultancy services as an expert.

Canan Gümüşay


Environmental Engineer M.Sc.


BSc degree in Environmental Engineering from METU and MSc degree in Renewable Energy Engineering and Management from Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg. Working as a sustainability specialist in R&D and consultancy projects within Environment & Industry group of Ekodenge.

Çınar Uysal


Mining / Cement Engineer
Mining Engineer (B.Sc.) and Cement Engineer (M.Sc.) degrees from METU. Currently working as an Expert in the Environment and Industry Group of Ekodenge contributing to various R&D and consultancy projects on sustainability, circular economy, industrial symbiosis, urban metabolism, resource efficiency and climate change.

Serkan Naneci


Environmental Engineer


Environmental Engineer and MSc candidate on Sustainability with specific expertise in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life Cycle Costing (LCC), Industrial Symbiosis and Circular Economy. Currently working as an Expert/Researcher on R&D and Consultancy projects of Ekodenge.

Esra Koç


Chemical Engineer


Chemical engineer with a Bachelor’s degree from METU. Currently contributing to various R&D and consultancy projects on sustainability, climate change, low carbon development, circular economy.

Baran Can Sezer


Mechanical Engineer


Mechanical Engineer with a Bachelor’s degree from METU. Currently contributing to energy efficient building projects, renewable energy solutions and R&D projects.

Dilek Erçal




Architectural expert with over 30 years' experience in the building industry as part of prestigious construction projects and application design teams, providing implementation level insight to the Ekodenge architecture team.

Gülsüm Yavuz




Architect whose main professional interest is in sustainable buildings with regard to cultural heritage and environment. Experienced in restoration projects, architectural design and application projects, BIM models and 3D visualization.

Başak Avcıoğlu, Ph.D.

Project Manager

Landscape Architect M.Sc. / Regional Planner


B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD in Landscape Architecture, M.Sc. in Regional Planning. She has been working on nature conservation and planning in natural areas including protected areas since 1999. She is member of IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas.

Beril Aba

Communication Specialist

Graphic Designer


Design and communication professional with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Graphic Design from Bilkent University. Joined the team in 2013 and holds experience working in the environmental services industry, handling the dissemination of projects, corporate identity design and the commissioning of print materials.

Özlem Şahin

Administrative Coordinator


Responsible for the personal and organizational administrative affairs of the company.

Sevgi Deniz Akdemir

Project Management Officer

Environmental Engineer


Graduated from Environmental Engineering and she is continuing MSc. degree in Earth System Science from METU. Thus, she has experienced in renewable energy and sustainable environmental projects. As a Project Manager Officer, she has been responsible for providing project management support for any project, as needed, and with a focus on processes and knowledge management area across the organization.
canolcek1 (1)

Can Ölçek

Product Manager

Computer Engineer


Product manager having more than 15 years of experience in IT market from defense to gaming industry. Graduated from METU as electrical-electronics engineer and took MSc. degree in computer engineering. PhD candidate in Neuroscience. Currently, developing products and generating product requirements based on Ekodenge's core technologies.

Hakan Çağlar

Software Developer

Computer Engineer


B.Sc degree in Computer Engineering, has been responsible for a variety of projects on defense, forestry and energy areas. In these areas of expertise, he has lead teams in technical aspects and made researches about 3D analysis on GIS products. He has been involved in Ekodenge in the framework of IT projects related with industrial symbiosis and environmental legislations.

Gökben Gök

Software Developer

Computer Engineer


Gökben Gök, with B.Sc degree in Computer Engineering, has been responsible for a variety of projects in energy sector. She is qualified software engineer in energy monitoring, advanced knowledge in data management, data visualisation and user interface design. She has been involved in projects related with industrial symbiosis, environmental legislations and energy monitoring.

Kerem Özlü

Software Developer

Computer Engineer


Graduate from Computer Science Department in Bilkent University. Working as a software developer in Ekodenge, mainly focused on data management, data analytics and visualization.

M.Gören Acay

Front-End Developer

Software Development Specialist


Gören Acay holds a BS degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and a master's degree in Management Information Systems. He was responsible for various projects in the city and energy platforms. Has advanced knowledge in energy monitoring, data management, data visualization and user interface design. He is actively involved in front-side design in urban, building and industrial projects.

Meltem Kenis

Software Developer

Computer Engineer


Graduated from the Physics Department in Boğaziçi University. Graduate student of Hacettepe University Software Engineering Department. Working as a front-end developer in Ekodenge.