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We finalized one more #EU #FP7 project last week!

We finalized one more #EU #FP7 project last week!

The closing meeting of #A2PBEER (Affordable and Adaptable Public Buildings through Energy Efficient Retrofitting) was held in Linz with over 20 project partners from the EU and officers from the European Commission. Ekodenge has held the technical team role for the Turkish demonstration of the project.

The following innovative systems have been applied to a school campus in Turkey within the scope of the project:

Absorption solar collectors developed by the Swedish project partner #Climatewell were integrated to the school cafeteria’s roof. These were used both for domestic hot water and cooling systems. An hourly monitoring system has been implemented to measure efficiency, aiming at COP>10.

Hybrid lighting systems developed by project partner Parans Solar Lighting and Toshiba Innovation were implemented in the cafeteria. With the use of solar trackers and fiberoptic cables, this system carries sunlight to indoor areas. Maximizing the use of natural light and automatically compensating with LED fixtures when needed reduces lighting energy consumption and increases indoor comfort.