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Alacahöyük-Hitit Dam Recreation Area and Archeopark

Alacahöyük-Hitit Dam Recreation Area and Archeopark

Çorum, Turkey

In project design, land use decisions have been established to ensure the continuity of the resource values of the area with the balance of protection and use. Within the scope of the project, design strategies have been established under the titles of conservation of local culture, conservation of soil, water and watershed management, conservation of nature and rural areas, separation of tourism and archaeological sites, green energy solutions and waste management.


Ekodenge's Role

The design submitted for the competition held for development of environmentally-friendly working and production areas provides a relationship between the project and its surrounding through reduction of footprint of the building, enhancement of outdoor space use and circulation organization which facilitates pedestrian circulation.

Basic design objectives are to provide a sustainable cooperation, research and working environment, to raise awareness on clean production processes and sustainability of buildings, to be a pioneer in terms of contemporary aggregation, working and cooperation methods, to enhance competitiveness at international level and to develop a model OIZ at international level.

Project Name:

Alacahöyük-Hitit Dam Recreation Area and Archeopark


Çorum, Turkey






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