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Environmentally Friendly Building Design

Ekodenge architects strive to implement the Integrated Building Design Approach in the Turkish market and in projects abroad to achieve life cycle efficiency and environmentally friendly high performance buildings. Each project is handled from conceptual design to application with user friendliness, environmental efficiency, healthy materials and cost optimization as priorities. Extensive research is allocated to initial stages in achieving a contemporary design that is in line with its spatial and cultural context and has minimal footprint, and for adapting the most efficient engineering solutions.

Masterplan and Landscape Design

The green building certified team of architects, urban planners and landscape designers performs attractive, resource efficient, locally sourced and sustainability based landscape designs and masterplans for sustainable sites.

Interior Design

Context and user needs guide interior design projects at Ekodenge. Natural and clean materials are selected carefully for a healthy, commodious and environmentally friendly interior with regard to the impact of each choice on the life cycle of the resulting design.

Construction Control and Supervision

Ekodenge provides consultancy, construction control and supervision services to ensure meeting desired performances for the environment, energy efficiency and aesthethics.


Seda Yöntem

Duygu Başoğlu