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Commissioning process is a quality based method that is adopted by building owner to achieve successful construction projects. Our commissioning service aims to confirm that a facility meets functional and performance requirements of the building owner, occupants and operators.


Function, performance, maintainability and sustainability criteria regarding architectural, mechanical, electrical and automation systems are set and documented during pre-design phase of the project and compliance with these criteria is verified and documented throughout design, construction, start-up and operation stages.

Successfully conducted service guarantees efficient and effective installation of building systems, reducing operation and maintenance costs and preventing future operational problems. This in turn premiumizes enterprises involved in the project and promotes occupant satisfaction.


Our services cover all aspects of the commissioning process with a facility oriented approach. In the scope of commissioning services Ekodenge’s involvement in the project starts from pre-design phase and continues through different stages of construction, start-up and operation of the facility.


Duygu Başoğlu