• Review of the related administrative, legal and financial system
  • Identification of the bottlenecks, stakeholders and their involvement
  • Determination of necessary policy tools
  • Identification of policy requirement
  • Developing institutional framework
  • Preparation of draft regulation transposing the provisions
  • Defining the implementation program


  • Strengthening the current structure of the policies
  • Harmonising current legislation with EU legislative framework
  • Increasing economic efficiency, productivity and well-being


Origin Of Funding: Low Carbon Turkey

Client: Low Carbon Turkey

Year Completed: 2018 – Ongoing

Ekodenge team takes part as the building sector experts within this project.
Component 1- Stock taking and assessment of existing climate strategies

• analysis of the current political and legislative analysis
• analysis of the bottlenecks
• opportunities in the sector for low carbon development in Turkey with specific emphasis on political, legislative, technical and financial barriers in the target sector

Component 3- Determination of the costs and emission mitigation potentials of the actions specified within selected sectors
Still ongoing and within the scope of this component, the team is contributing to activities on determination of energy demands in buildings, applicable technologies varying with different climatic regions, fuel alternatives and corresponding GHG emissions, projections in demand and emissions, cost assessments, analyzing potential mitigation measures.

Origin Of Funding: EuropeAid

Client: Central Finance and Contracts Unit/Ministry of Environment and Urbanization

Year Completed: 2014

As being Leader of the Consortium, Ekodenge was involved in the major activities especially in terms of capacity building and legislative activities. SEVESO Directive EU legislation was investigated and draft legislation was prepared and submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Enhancing capacities of the competent authorities with regard to assessing compliance of safety reports, emergency plans (internal and external), land use planning and investigation of major industrial accidents procedures with Seveso Directive, public awareness regarding the dissemination of the project results into a wide region for the publicity of the project was provided effectively.

Websites of competent authorities improved to allow easy loading of information that shall be made public, according to Turkish legal requirements for public information related to Seveso II. Risk analysis, identification of the domino effect, risk maps, internal and external plans and testing of these plans were conducted under the activity 3 according to the Seveso II directive.

Origin Of Funding: EuropeAid

Client: Turkey Ministry of Environment and Forestry

Year Completed: 2009

Preparation of a detailed report on analysis of current situation and possible institutional set up including proposals for competent authority, accreditation and recording systems.

-SWOT analysis for implementation of EMAS in Turkey

-Preparation of a strategy for incentives that might support industry to join the EMAS system

-Preparation of an implementation plan for harmonization of EMAS and establishment of the system

-Preparation of informative documents (manuals, brochures etc) for introduction of EMAS system. This task just includes the preparation and translation of the manuals or brochures. These documents are to be issued and distributed by the beneficiary after the project.

-Training and workshops for the representatives from industry and NGOs and another one training with workshop for the target group.

Origin Of Funding: European Commission / LIFE Third Countries

Client: Hacettepe University, Faculty of Engineering

Year Completed: 2007

– Formatting of Data for Information System Development

– Establishment of the “Environmental Legislation Database for Turkish SMEs” as an information management system in order to render the environmental information accessible by SME’s.

– Development of the IS and web portal

– Environmental Legislation and Policy analysis

– Preparation of Inventory of Turkish Environmental Legislation

– Preparation of list of Status of Transposition of Relevant EC Directives

– Preparation of Approximation Strategy of End of Life Vehicles Directive (EoLV D) As a Sample, preparation of DSIP of End of Life Vehicles.

– Carrying out training visits in regions in order to inform industrialists about the IS and about the staff who will provide SMEs for further technical assistance on EU environmental approximation studies related with industry or sustainability of project.

Origin Of Funding: European Commission / LIFE Third Countries

Client: Ministry of Environment and Forestry

Year Completed: 2006

– Review of the related administrative, legal and financial system

– Identification of the bottlenecks, stakeholders and their involvement

– Determination of necessary policy tools

– Identification of Policy requirement

– Establishment of Working Groups

– Defining institutional building

– Clarification of institutional arrangement and responsibilities

– Developing Strategy

– Preparation of a Preliminary Program for Implementation

– Preparation of Draft Regulation transposing the provisions of Seveso-II Directive

– Preparation of the Guidelines for Safety Report

– Preparation of the Guidelines for Inspection

– Preparation of the Guidelines for Public Information – Preparation of the Guidelines for Emergency Plan

Establishment of an Information System:

– Preparation of data base on upper and lower tier establishments

– Preparation of software for annual reporting of the establishments

– Preparation of an accident database, covering all experiences of previous accidents

Origin Of Funding: The European Commission

Client: Carl Bro International

Year Completed: 2004

– Ekodenge Limited provided its expert especially for the sectors; Waste and Nuclear.

– Assistance for Ministry of Environment for developing a detailed scheme for completing transposition for each sector (identification of any necessary amendments, new legal acts, economic instruments).

– Training of all Sectoral Coordinators, appointed by the Ministry of Environment for each sector.

– Supporting the activities of all sector coordinators and their teams, giving technical assistance.

– For each sector, setting priorities for transposition according to NEAP and NPAA.

– Determining the competent authority for the specific requirements in each sector.

– Developing realistic transposition timetables for each sector in order of priority.

– Identifying all administrative procedures, institutions necessary for implementing the EU requirements.

– Identifying problem areas and uncertainties where implementation within the estimated or desired timescale may prove difficult.

– Strategy development for the implementation and transposition of EU Directives on waste management and Nuclear Safety.

– Supporting the project team and the Ministry of Environment for translation issues.

Origin Of Funding: The European Commission

Client: Milieu Limited (Belgium)

Year Completed: 2002

Checking whether the tables of concordance (TOC) and implementation questionnaires (IQ) for selected 66 EU Directives of the Environmental Acquis for the 9 sectors were filled properly and giving consultation to the competent authorities on this process. All relevant Turkish Laws, Regulations and

Communiqués were analysed with respect to EU Directives, provision-by-provision. Then the status of transposition and implementation was scored.

The 9 sectors considered here were; Horizontal, Water Quality, Waste Management, Air Quality, Chemicals and Genetically Modified Organisms, Nuclear Safety, Noise Control, Nature Protection, Industrial Pollution Control.

The TOCs and IQs were prepared as being references for the NPAA and were approved by the Ministry of Environment.

Origin Of Funding: Turkey Republic Ministry of Environment

Client: Koç Zinerji (Turkey)

Year Completed: 2001

– Related Turkish legislation and EU Directives were analyzed for concordance. Also documents of USEPA, UNEP and OECD used, in order to figuring out the required strategy and action plan for implementation. Handbook on Environment for the EU Enlargement Issues was studied for the determination of implementation tools necessary for strategy.

– Drafting of regulations on landfilling (licensing, post-closure, designing, operating), waste oil, incineration, sludge, shipment and PCBs.

– Preparation of a general review on the recent status of waste management in Turkey.

– Preparation of waste management strategy for Turkey.

Origin Of Funding: European Commission

Client: Carl Bro International

Year Completed: 05/2001 – 09/2002

The project aim was to assist the Ministry of Environment in analyzing legal gaps related to environmental issues between Turkish and EU legislation for:

– Planning of new legislation and concepts

– Reviewing of compliance of new legislation to EU and

– Drafting of new legislation on air, water, nature protection, waste and EIA

Origin Of Funding: World Bank

Client: Azerbaijan Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources

Year Completed: 03/2004 – 09/2004

– Review and assessment of the existing structure of the Ministry;

– Analysis of Ministry’s functions/relationship with regulated entities (public sector and private)

– Development of short-term and long-term plans with recommendations

– Review of the existing environmental legislation and identification of gaps, proposal of needed amendments and draft new legal documents as necessary

– Identification of gaps/drafting legal documents, including upgrade of the existing EIA regulations

– Proposal of compliance / enforcement measures

– Formulation of new environmental policy, including a detailed proposal for a new policy and regulations to ensure sustainable financing of sturgeon hatcheries and natural spawning grounds protection in connection with the allocation of fishing

Origin Of Funding: World Bank

Client: Azerbaijan Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources

Year Completed: 05/2004 – 08/2004

– Identification and review of all relevant policy and legislation that could have implications for the establishment management of the Shah Dagh and Ordubad national parks

– Assessment of overall regulations for enforcement of national parks laws and identification of gaps.

– Identification of specifically any potential legal or regulatory impediments to implementation of the proposed model of multiple-use, multiple-zone National Parks to be managed through cooperation among Government agencies

– Review of the basic law, assess comprehensiveness in terms of types of zones, guidelines, applications and regulations.

Origin Of Funding: GTZ GmbH (Germany)

Client: PEM GmbH (Germany)

Year Completed: 07/2000 – 08/2000

Current Turkish Environmental Legislation was studied taking the EC Environmental Legislation documents as reference. A table was prepared, showing the corresponding Turkish legislation for EU Directives of Environmental Acquis. This project also gave an idea about the state of implementation or concordance of the Directive’s provisions in the Turkish legislation briefly.

Through the comparative analysis, actions were needed for transposition were analyzed.


Zeynep Yöntem, Ph.D.