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Companies should be aware of the risks of climate change in order to adapt and become resilient to changing climatic conditions and to ensure long-term success in competitive market conditions.


For carbon footprint calculations, methods and tools that fulfills the aims and needs of the customers are used.Calculations may include emissions from companies’ direct or indirect activities, as well as calculations of greenhouse gas emissions emitted by products and the value chains during the entire life cycle. Exclusive methodologies specific to the organization is determined in the direction of the service demand of the customers.


Revealing the extent of the negative effects on nature and natural resources with numerical values creates a driving force for organizations to understand the importance of the situation and to minimize and prevent the negative impacts created. In addition to that, companies that calculate carbon footprints provide added value to their organization as a pioneer in raising awareness in society.
The European Commission will propose a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism via the implementation of the European Green Deal, to combat climate change, reducing the risk of carbon leakage. This mechanism would ensure that the price of imports reflect more accurately their carbon content for selected sectors. Carbon footprint calculation provide export traiding companies to determine the carbon content of their products.




Elif Küçük Horasan, PhD.