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We are developing methodologies specific to industrial systems and situations by combining academic experience and field experience to make process safer.

Ekodenge is a member of the “EU VRi European Virtual Institute for Integrated Risk
Management”, the Institute of the European Union for Integrated Risk Management.


  • Training Services
  1. Security Management System
  2. Preparation of the Safety Report and the methods to be used
  3. Preliminary analysis for identification of critical equipment and sites
  4. Actual accident analysis and international databases
  5. Risk assessment
  6. Process Hazard Analysis
  7. Process Deviations and Results
  8. Barriers and Recommendations
  9. Preparation of HAZOP Report
  • Process Hazard Analysis
  • Preparation of ATEX document
  • Performing necessary work within the scope of the Regulation on the
  • Prevention and Reduction of Major Industrial Accidents (SEVESO Studies)


  • Determining the probability of a major industrial accident as a result of risk analysis studies and reducing this probability to 10 ^ -4 per year with necessary actions that prevent possible human and operational errors.
  • Risk assement let you see which operations, equipments or procedures need attention, maintenance, repair or renovation.
  • Ensuring the sustainability of the risk analysis studies and the management of precoess like change management, maintenance and repair on the safe side with Safety Management System
  • To prevent the formation of an explosive atmosphere, ignition of the explosive atmosphere in case of the formation and to reduce the harmful effects of the explosion
  • Establishment of safety culture in all employees




Zeynep Yöntem, Ph.D.