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Sustainable Tourism in National Park

Sustainable Tourism in National Park

Rize, Turkey

The project, which is designed within the borders of Ayder Plateau National Park, consists of multi-faceted and functional projects spread across the park. The aim of the project is to develop and define the application conditions, tools and methods of land use decisions that will ensure the continuity and continuity of the resource values in the balance of use and transfer to the next generations by preserving the national park area with world-recognized standards and practices. In this design, the administration and visitor promotion center, nature museum, souvenir product sales unit, nature education center, festival and camp area, view terraces, road and path improvements and street arrangements are the main headings.


Ekodenge's Role

The design submitted for the competition held for development of environmentally-friendly working and production areas provides a relationship between the project and its surrounding through reduction of footprint of the building, enhancement of outdoor space use and circulation organization which facilitates pedestrian circulation.

Basic design objectives are to provide a sustainable cooperation, research and working environment, to raise awareness on clean production processes and sustainability of buildings, to be a pioneer in terms of contemporary aggregation, working and cooperation methods, to enhance competitiveness at international level and to develop a model OIZ at international level.

Project Name:

Sustainable Tourism in National Park


Rize, Turkey





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