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Through industrial symbiosis, additional cost benefits leading to a higher level of competitiveness can be achieved by facilitating establishment of joint/reverse logistics, joint infrastructure and services (including water and energy) and uncovering potential synergies previously unknown to facilities.


We carry out the activities listed below for our stakeholders such as private sector organizations, organized industrial districts, chambers of industry and trade, development agencies, sectoral unions/ associations and municipalities:

  • Establishment of industrial symbiosis networks and platforms
  • Evaluations of industrial symbiosis opportunities
  • Survey and feasibility studies
  • Identification and calculation of key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Network analysis


The results of our investigative studies on industrial symbiosis opportunities are:

  • Resource consumption, cost and environmental impacts are reduced
  • Efficiency is boosted by utilization of a waste stream from a production facility in another facility as a raw material
  • Creating competitive edge for the companies by catalyzing collaborative opportunities in use of infrastructure and services.




Zeynep Yöntem, PhD.