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The purpose, scope and technical rules of the life cycle analysis are determined by our LCA experts based on the needs of your company or your project.


LCA is a decision support and a benchmark tool that can be used to support companies’ sustainability reports, to calculate key performance indicators, to increase resource efficiency in production processes, and to adapt to the continuously renewed environmental legislation.


Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) enables companies/ production facilities to trace basic material and energy flows, and assess the environmental impact of their production processes or products over the life cycle. The environmental performance of production processes is also improved through the identification of environmental impacts throughout the entire life cycle.
Since LCA has multiple functions and is made based on international standards, it increases competitiveness, supports new products, increases consumer awareness and increases brand value by supporting product certification (EPD, PEF) and aco-design processes.




Elif Küçük Horasan, PhD.